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"I was asleep one night in 2004 when my phone rang, and it was Eddie Van Halen. An hour later we were at 5150 sharing a bottle of wine." So begins the opening chapter of director Andrew Bennett’s incredible new book, "Eruption in the Canyon".

This coffee table photo book chronicles Andrew's days and nights with the greatest guitar player of all time.

Andrew had documented and filmed Deftones and Katy Perry before Van Halen, and also directed music videos for The Dresden Dolls, Jonas Brothers, Nickelback and many other artists. He ended up being a daily presence at 5150, Eddie’s home studio, for nearly a year from 2006-2007, documenting the band’s reunion on film, audio and in stunning and rare photographs.


Both the photos and stories are exceptionally rare.

Remember the Frankenstein guitar which was recently exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Art? Andrew often had to move that and other priceless guitars off the couch to sleep, or pick them up off the floor!
From Sammy to Dave, from Mike to Wolf, from swords to gunplay…
this book has jaw-dropping Van Halen inside stories you will never read elsewhere, while paying respect to the legend of Eddie Van Halen, the greatest guitarist in history.

Eruption in the Canyon: 212 Days and Nights with the Genius of Eddie Van Halen

SKU: 9780578625713
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